serpentwithfeet: blisters EP

serpentwithfeet is a collaboration between classically-trained vocalist and songwriter Josiah Wise (pictured) and British producer and multi-instrumentalist The Haxan Cloak. In 5 songs and just over twenty minutes, the duo succeed in building a tense, spare sonic world where time seems to crackle and stand still, and truth and acceptance are not reached without prolonged sacrifice; a place where the sacred and the profane mingle and intertwine in the multi-layered harmonies and falsetto of Wise like rebellious strands of DNA. In wishing this ebbing and twitching temple to the unrequited self into aural existence, Wise and Haxan Cloak have pulled of a rare feat indeed: masterfully harnessing a range of apparent influences including gospel, opera, occult philosophy, afrofuturism, R. Kelly (at least to my ears), classic cinema, and avant-queerness, to produce unique, balanced, arresting art that is musically, philosophically, and emotionally compelling. Listen here.



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